I had a hard time choosing which zoological attraction to visit. I had time for only one, and there was four choices: Zoo, Bird park, River safari and Night safari. Each one is unique on its own term. After considering a lot, finally I made my choice: Jurong Bird Park. And I didn’t regret.

How to reach

Jurong bird park is about 1 hour drive from Little India area. I chose to avail Grab as it is the fastest transport mode in Singapore and I had to cover many places in short time. You can also avail MRT to reach there.

What to see

Juron bird park is unlike other zoos. Yes, they also have cages to captivate parrots, but most of the birds roam almost freely. Also, there are unique bird shows that are must watches.

Right upon entering, you will see the penguin pool. Don’t get shocked to see the penguins roaming around in scorching heat. These are African penguins and can tolerate much higher temperature.

Beside it, inside a cave, you will find the famous south pole Penguins, enjoying the shower of snow, swimming underwater.

Entering from the main gate, you will stand in front of a circular road. You can take a free tram ride to move from one place to another and dropping at spots. However, if you reach around 10 am, I will suggest you start with Birds of Prey show. An expert trainer will demonstrate you how pray birds catch their food. And if you are lucky, you may get a chance to enter the arena and hold a praying bird yourself. The show starts from 10:15 and your ticket includes it.

Right after closure of this show, there is a penguin chit chat show, you may choose to skip this and there is nothing interesting. However, you may want to opt the unique opportunity to feed a penguin on hand and take a lifetime photo.

Next, you can watch a few spots like Rambles and Hornbills before you make yourself ready for another exciting show: High Flyers at the Pools Amphitheatre.

This is another one of its kind show. The fast flying colorful birds are definitely going to attract your attention. .

Pss.. hey, I am giving you a secret tip. At the end of the show, they opens the arena for the visitors to take unique photos among Flamingos. If you don’t want to stand behind a long que, move down towards the arena gate when you feel the show is coming to an end.

If you don’t want to miss the shows, you will need to be very punctual. Both the shows will get over by 11:30. Now you are free to explore the huge area on your own. Do not try to see it by foot. You will exhaust yourself. Spot the tram stations and jump in.

You must visit Lory on the Loft. They are so sweet that you can hold them on your arm. You can also purchase food for them. Please don’t feed them any junks. .

You should not miss Waterfall aviery. It will feel really nice to experience a beautiful waterfall after watching a lot of birds.

You can end your journey by reaching the Flamingo pool. These royal birds are out of your catch, but you will cherish a photo with the lovely birds.

Where to eat

You should be feeling hungry after roaming around this much. There is a food stall at the entrance of Loty loft so you can munch on something. Just outside the main entrance, there is an India restaurant. I didn’t find any other nearby. If you want to enjoy your lunch and enter again, don’t forget to get your skin stamped before living the entrance gate.

Where to buy tickets

You can but tickets at the counter, or you may buy online. I prefer buying it online, though Klook. They provide sweet discounted prices and also, you will get one bird feeding included in their tickets.

Check Tickets

How did you enjoy the bird park? Or how are you planning to do? Have any questions? Ask me in the comment section.

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