Exciting your trip to Singapore. You should be. You are visiting one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind

1. Depending on your country of origin, you may need to apply for advanced VISA, e-VISA or enjoy VISA-free entry. Check this Wikipedia article for details.

2. Changi airport, Singapore is one of the most beautiful airports of the world. Spend some time to spot gardens, orchids, water bodies and have a glance. Don’t keep them aside for the day of return. You will be too tired to enjoy when you return.

3. There are multiple ways to go from airport to city. Buses, MRT, Taxis. If you are in a short trip like me, taxi is the fastest choice.

4. Unlike India, you don’t need to book Taxis from airport in advance. You will find a gate marked for taxi que, although you may be the only one on the que. Go up to the gate. Stand and wait for a while. When a taxi comes, just jump in.

5. Singapore is an unbelievably beautiful and clean city. Being just north of the equator, it receives significant rainfall throughout the year. It helps vegetation growth.

6. This also means, you need to carry an umbrella everyday. No matter whether it is sunny or cloudy in the morning, you cannot predict what happens in the afternoon.

7. Singapore is also very hot and humid. Wet tissue, sunscreen, shades, water are you best friends.

8. Tap water is safe for drinking, but you may not find it very often, especially in Sentosa. Always carry a bottle and fill it where possible. Most of the restaurants charges for regular water as well.

9. Buses, MRT are frequently available. Taxi is still the fastest (and most expensive) choice. Grab is a little cheaper if there is no surcharges. If you are not near a taxi stand, don’t feel shy to wave a taxi. If yo prefer using bus and MRT, buying a tourist pass is worth.

10. Careful where you cross the road. Traffic is extremely fast. Never cross a road except pedestrian crossing with green signal.

11. If you are a drone lover, I have a bad news. Singapore airspace is mostly restricted. Check this link for details. The last paragraph has the link and instructions how to see the restricted areas.

12. Shopping malls, indoor attractions are very chilling. If you are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, carry some warm cloths for indoor.

13. Apart from Clark Quey, restaurants and shops get closed by 9 PM. You need to plan accordingly.

14. Accommodation is extremely pricey. Even a room with merely the bed only costs $120.

15. This is one of the safest countries. Don’t panic if the shop owners swipe your credit card and get paid without PIN. There is almost zero crime. But keep your eyes open to avoid accidents.

16. Singapore is fodders paradise. Eat. Eat. And Eat. There is nothing unavailable. Chicken rice and Chili crab are two signature dishes you must try.

17. Plastic is not banned, but you may feel embarrassed as no one else is really carrying one. Chewing gums are strictly banned.

Have you been to Singapore recently? I will be happy to hear about it. Share your experience with me in the comment section.

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