You have worked hard for this holiday. Make every step count.

Yet, the most important step is the first step. Before going to a new land, every one of us are skeptical about what to do after landing in the airport. This article will definitely give you confidence to come out of the airport lounge and meet your driver at the parking lot.

Ngurah Rai International Airport is your gateway to Bali. It is also called Denpasar Airport. When I arrived (around 2 pm), hardly any other tourist was there.

Visa and Immigration

Upon leaving the aircraft, you will enter the big lounge. Go straight and then right to the immigration counter. Indians don’t needs visas for entering Indonesia. If you need a Visa, the Visa counter is on the left of the immigration counters. It hardly took 10-15 minutes to complete the immigration process. In the Visa counter also, there were only 5-6 people in que. If there were other flights (which I was lucky was not there) it would surely take a little more time.

Once you clear immigration, you will soon find yourself out of the lounge, and in front of you nearly a hundred people with or without name holders. Don’t get overwhelmed. Stay calm, and look for your name. In a few minutes, you will be on the beautiful clean roads of Bali.

Flight Change at Kuala Lumpur

Now, like me, if you are going through Kuala Lumpur, this is important for you. Malaysia has very strict Visa and Immigration policy. I didn’t need immigration or visa at Malaysia, so after arriving at the airport, I immediately moved to the transfer desk. If you find yourself in a very large room with a few thousand people, you have come in the wrong way. Go back and ask for transfer desk for flight to Bali. There is a counter for this. If confused, you can ask any security, air hostess you see.

Airport tips

  • In Kuala Lumpur, security check is very strict. You will need to remove even your belts for the check in. Put all items including your mobile, wallet, keys, belt etc in the cabin baggage for scan.
  • Airlines does not allow batteries in check in luggage. Make sure you take all batteries in your cabin baggage.
    If you are travelling with AirAsia, it is better to purchase your food from airport. While the airlines is affordable for its customers, quality of service is also as per the price you are paying.
  • For people from warm counties like India, Bali is relatively cold. Some airports are also chilling. Bring at least one warm cloth in your cabin baggage.
  • It irritates me when people are busy placing their baggage while others are waiting in the isle. Please take your seat first. Once everyone is on-board, put your baggage in the bunk.
  • Check your safety equipment. Surprisingly large number of people take out the life jacket as souvenir.

I hope this guide will help you with your descent in Bali. If I have missed anything, please mention that in the comments section. I will definitely try to include in the article.

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